Mountain Chief prides itself on preserving an entrepreneurial spirit and family-like environment while maintaining our goal of strong and steady growth. We foster a culture where employees are rewarded for their performance, communication is encouraged, and employee opinions are valued.

As we continue to grow, Mountain Chief will offer enhanced professional opportunities for our employees. Our employees are our greatest assets, and we are committed to providing them with a positive and motivating environment, where they are empowered to be creative and resourceful in their jobs. Employees are recognized through our annual review process and recognition programs, encouraged to contribute ideas, and are able to earn opportunities for advancement.

At Mountain Chief, we value the creativity and richness of ideas brought by a diverse workforce. We encourage the infusion of new ideas and facilitate the respectful open exchange of different opinions. We provide an environment of respect and inclusion that recognizes and values the unique skills, experiences and perspectives that each individual contributes toward our business success.

Mountain Chief operates with integrity, taking pride in providing the best technical solutions to our customers. Our core values are integrated into the daily lives of our employees, determining the way that we conduct business and interact with one another as a single team.

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