SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Mountain Chief’s processes are designed to continually improve the quality of our customer support. Our method for ensuring the overall quality of our tasks is to establish rigorous planning, documentation, and lines of accountability right from the beginning of the task.  We also will use clear written delineation of the roles and missions of each task team member to establish both accountability and empowerment. This method is a powerful team-building tool because it clarifies specific results and guidelines for each team member.

Quality Assurance (QA) at Mountain Chief means a pervasive focus on customer requirements and pursuit of efficiency in our daily and business operations.  To this end, Mountain Chief will carry out the following QA strategies for the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract:

  • Mountain Chief will provide timely and accurate financial accounting and reporting using Deltek’s Costpoint, an automated system approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).
  • Mountain Chief will maintain close coordination with its customers through direct interface with Program and Task Managers.
  • The Program Manager will have direct access to Mountain Chief management to acquire any resources required to provide a quality product to the customer.
  • Mountain Chief employees will be empowered by management to work with minimal layers of supervision, which will allow employees to adjust their priorities to the technical requirements of the task.
  • Mountain Chief will recognize and reward personnel for outstanding achievement, resulting in high motivation and outstanding customer service.
  • Mountain Chief will offer its personnel advanced education and training in process improvement, problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building.
  • Mountain Chief will continuously improve its corporate support processes such as personnel retention and recruitment, enhancing our skill base, cost controls, accountability, reporting procedures, customer relations, and contract compliance.

Approach to Problem Resolution
The Mountain Chief Program Manager will work closely with the government and/or subcontractors’ principal leads to resolve problems. Any problems not resolved by the Program Manager will be referred to the Director of Engineering of Mountain Chief Management Services, and if necessary, to subcontractor counterparts or to Mountain Chief’s Chef Operating Officer.

Management Practices and Training
First and foremost, Mountain Chief will adhere to best practices management with a focus on outcome and results.  While processes contribute to significant increases in productivity and provide for a more collaborative work environment, best management practices require leadership and astute managers to ensure that requirements are met and results are achieved.  Mountain Chief will also ensure continuous training to its managers and task leads in performance-based support contracting and best practices management through seminars, short courses, workshops, and conferences.

Single Point of Contact
The Mountain Chief Program Manager (PM) will be the single point of contact for resolving all SeaPort-e matters.  The PM will respond to the requirements of the Navy’s SeaPort-e contract, recruit and hire personnel, make work assignments for both Mountain Chief and subcontractor personnel, authorize expenditure of contractor labor, and authorize contractor travel.

A Mountain Chief Task Lead will be designated to expedite both the Mountain Chief Program Manager’s directions and the interface between the contractor and government team members. Within each primary functional area, the Mountain Chief Task Leads will have requisite subject matter expertise and experience. This functional leadership, while being flexible, responsive, and responsible, will provide requisite infrastructural support to the common primary functional areas of the Integrated Product Team (IPT).

Proposed Task Order
Mountain Chief understands that the issuance of a Proposed Task Order (PTO) does not obligate the government to issue a Task Order under this contract, nor does it obligate the contractor to perform any work until receipt of a Task Order.  Mountain Chief will respond to a PTO within the specified time. Task order proposals will be submitted in accordance with task order requirements.  Mountain Chief will maximize the use of electronic submission of all proposals in response to PTO requests.

After posting of the draft task order requirements on the SeaPort-e system, Mountain Chief will provide a capability statement and respond to the PTO as required and as appropriate.  As the prime contractor, Mountain Chief is responsible for the performance of all tasks and will be responsible for submission of all Task Order proposals. Mountain Chief will review all PTOs, with assistance from current Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Task Leads (if in place) and other technically qualified corporate personnel.  An interim Task Lead will be identified from current corporate resources to assist in the development of the Task Order proposal.  Potential Technical Leads and staff members will be identified. Mountain Chief will determine how our team can most effectively perform the task (i.e., in-house Mountain Chief, in-house other teammates, as a combined effort, etc.).  That determination will be made by matching task requirements to personnel and corporate capabilities.

After a Task Order has been issued to Mountain Chief, we will assign a Task Lead, Technical Leads, and staff to perform the task.  Before substituting new personnel for those proposed, we will ensure that the new personnel have the requisite qualifications, and we will notify the NSWCDD for approval.  We understand that the NSWCDD Contracting Officer reserves the right to withdraw or cancel a Task Order. We understand that the government will evaluate each proposal based on the contractor’s management structure, technical capability, performance on past tasks, and cost, and that the government intends to acquire the best services for the best price.

Cost Accounting and Reporting
Mountain Chief uses accounting methods that have been reviewed and approved by the DCAA for award of contracts with cost reimbursement and line items.  We have an excellent record of cost realism, reasonableness, and competitiveness with respect to actual versus projected indirect cost rates and actual costs versus bid costs.  Mountain Chief’s outstanding contract performance history further demonstrates our understanding of the proper and allowable cost accounting methods for ensuring contract cost performance that is accurately and reliably priced, properly tracked and accounted for, and properly billed in accordance with current rules and regulations.

Mountain Chief will report contract expenditures monthly or as required by the government. This report will show hours expended for each labor category and cost of labor, Other Direct Costs (ODCs), materials, and travel for both the current and cumulative periods. This report will be done for each Mountain Chief task.  For more frequent status on hours and cost expenditures, Mountain Chief will invoice the government every two weeks.  Each invoice will specify by task the labor hours by labor category and the costs for labor, ODCs, and travel. If more frequent reporting is required, Mountain Chief will provide it as requested.

Work Flow and Schedule Control
Workflow and schedule control will be driven by the requirements and schedule of the Task Order.  The Mountain Chief Task Lead will be directly involved in developing and controlling contractor work assignments and schedules

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.  The Mountain Chief Contract Manager will have the responsibility of procuring the needed resources from all teammates.

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